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Espoir was founded in 2005 by a team of industry professionals working with leading global companies specializing in Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Educational Psychology.

We realize the criticality of skill-gaps, and its grave consequences. We invested our years to invent lasting solutions that can turn ordinary into extra ordinary. We innovate new methodologies and technologies so that the result makes meaning to millions of lives.

Espoir Anthem

“Second language (English) acquisition requires meaningful interaction in the target language - natural communication - in which speakers re concerned not with form of their utterances but with the messages they are conveying and undertaking”.

- Stephen Krashen,

Professor Emeritus,

University of Southern California

We customise lessons for  faster learning, quicker recall! RIEOTS Assurance: 6 2 1 3 4 5 Why waste time on the topics that you already know? Details

Why is it Critical? The inefficiency of most training programs frustrates the needy. Learners find the lessons too inappropriate, & an object to laugh at. Learners no longer trust English ‘classes’. Expectancy belief is too low. This has serious repercussions in learners’ career and life.

Why do Ordinary Spoken English Classes Fail to customise? They do not have the level of expertise, or the technology to individually analyse the needs and customise lessons.

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Major Benefits

Innovations lead to unique benefits!

Why there is No Other Way?

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Unconscious Incompetence

Why exposing it is the first step?

RIEOTS Methodology

Sure-fire method for the ambitious!

Spoken English Simulation

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Spoken English Simulation

Restricted (Controlled) Demo

Life-Size Interactions

Realistic experience before the real!

Content-based Instruction

The only way for an adult to learn!

“The spoken English Simulator is an eye-opener. It reveals many things that even your closest friends hesitate to tell you. I will recommend these products to anyone who values his life on earth.”

Thomson Phillip,

Melbourne Australia

Language acquisition (an unconscious process developed through using language meaningfully) is different from language learning (Conscious learning or discovering rules about a language) and language acquisition is the only way competence in a second language can develop”.

-Richards & Rodgers (2001)

Interactive Tests

The only way for an adult to learn!

It is a secret known to everyone: ‘100% of Spoken English Training Classes & Language Labs Fail’. The truth is, while failing they ditch the needy - at a time the learners struggle to succeed in the most crucial moments of their life.

Companies (and people in general) judge a person’s ‘smartness’ by the ‘sharpness’ of his/her ability respond to questions ‘on the spot’ - in English. Those who fail to ‘smartly’ respond is branded ‘average’, considered as ‘worthless’, and face rejections everywhere, despite his/her hard-earned qualifications and certifications. Frequent rejections lead to frustrations, depressions, alcoholism and even to suicides.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, we decided to step in – to find the root cause of failures, and to formulate a sustainable solution, that transforms ordinary into extra-ordinary.

RIEOTS (Respond In English On The Spot) methodology of Click Interviews is the approach derived from  our six years of focused research involving over 18,000 people from five continents. Now it is for you to benefit from it.

RIEOTS Benefits. Development Team What Experts Say About Building Speaking SKills? Why can’t our ‘Grammar Scholars’ Talk? Why do Spoken English Classes & Language Labs Fail? What do Professional Companies Look for?

RIEOTS of Click Interviews employs the innovative blend of advanced methodologies & cutting-edge technologies - to meet the stringent requirements of industry, business, academic, social and personal life today.

We are neither academicians nor business people. We are a team of 52 successful industry professionals currently working with global companies in four continents in the fields of Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Finance and Management. We have collectively conducted over 1,30,000 interviews, and took part in deciding the career future of over 40,000 people. Above all, we are happy and proud in contributing to our chosen professions.

At the same time, spoken English classes and Language labs fail miserably. The English & Communication programs ‘arranged’ by colleges and companies don’t give any result. They are good ‘entertainment’ during the ‘lecture’, but ditch the needy at crucial times. The saga continues.  

English skills are not only about communication, team building, technology transfer or inspiring innovation. It is also about personal presence and social standing. Lack of English skills makes hard-earned ‘Engineering’, ‘MBAs’ and ‘PhDs’ meaningless. Lack of English skills leads to rejections and divorces, alcoholism and suicides.

Then, why did we invested six years of our life and a million dollars to develop Click Interviews?

Lack of English skills is a ‘Silent Killer’. To put the point bluntly, Ordinary English & Communication classes, and Language Labs are playing with the learners’ life.

Tens of thousands undergo psychiatric treatments. In most organizations, there is an invisible fence that separates ‘the Smart’ from ‘the Others’. ‘Smart’ means ‘those people who speak English’. They enjoy exclusive benefits and perks. They meet with the clients and enjoy foreign travel. They are always in the limelight because all successes are attributed to them. ‘Others’ slog sixteen to eighteen hours a day - and earn peanuts - and get humiliated in the end!

In 2011 alone, in the city of Pune, India, twelve IT professionals committed suicide - some of them jumping from the terrace of their high-rise office buildings. The root cause was same. The victims were sidelined and often humiliated in their workplaces for their poor English speaking skills. Investigations revealed more tragic details: suicides due to ‘poor English skills’  happen every year, everywhere!

How does Click Interviews ensure that the Learners speak fluently?










RIEOTS: Learning theories / technologies employed Quick Benefits that Sustain! D S B P









It works on Three Easy Steps: 1. Make the candidate speak from the first minute, and capture it for analysis. 2. Based on analysis, create personalised English syllabus (verbal/non-verbal) especially for her. 3. Teach complex English structures through a theme he/she loves.

RIEOTS Methodology How does RIEOTS Methodology Ensure Success?

Ordinary Classes & Language Labs

Click Interviews


Grammar based:

They re-teach grammar as in a school, and hope one day the students will talk in fluent English! Students don’t see this process convincing. They mistrust.

Speaking based:

Makes the student speak from the very first minute of the program using World’s first Spoken English Simulator. Hundreds of themes ensure continued excitement! And hope!


One-Size-Fits-All Approach:

Same lessons for all! Some spoken English classes use unscientific, failed methods to roughly categorize students level as Basic, Intermediate and Advance !   

Personalisation Approach:

Every student gets customised learning paths. They are created by frequently evaluating the short-comings in his/her speaking (content & style). Targeted, Focused learning!


Memorising of Disconnected Grammar -rules & Isolated Vocabulary Lists:

Our brains look for associations, patterns and links. Brain can’t hold disconnected data resulting from memorising (rote-learning). Students hate this failed approach.

Absorbing Grammar-rules & Vocabulary through Meaningful Ideas:

As adults can acquire English skills only through their favourite themes, we provide personalised learning ‘syllabus’ through their passionate theses that are useful.


Standard Content, that is Copied from Text Books of 1960s / or Often Pirated:

The lessons found in these ‘Spoken English Classes’ have no relation to the current challenges the learner faces in the society, industry or in academic environments. These can’t help learners win.

Original Exciting Content, that is Created by Practicing industry Professionals:

Specialised lessons are written by practicing professionals from various fields and business specialisations after analysing the contemporary social and business needs and requirements.


‘Language Labs’ are already beaten by Smart phones Android Apps:

Most Language lab software are multimedia version of age old grammar books. Surveys reveal that the Android Apps available on the learners smart phones are better than ‘Language Labs’!

Original Interactive Software that Excites and Challenges the Learner:

Click Interviews software platform is proprietary and original. It is based on cognitive educational psychology. It seduces and challenges the learner in every aspect - ‘experiential learning’!


They don’t Remove the Hesitation, and the Fear of Talking:

A few-minutes of Mock-interviews, Repeating sentences, or staged ‘Role-plays’ don’t build the key skills to engage in interactions.

We Develop the ‘Answering Reflex’, And make Learners Realise Talking is Fun:

The skills to ‘talk on the spot’ is built through creating realistic conversational situations full of anxiety and tension - any number of times!


They don’t Help Compose Meaningful Responses on the Spot:

Ordinary, predictable, canned lessons don’t build the skills of ‘formulating apt responses when faced with unexpected questions’.

We Build the ‘Ability to Think on One’s Feet’ & to Deliver Quick Responses:

Learners are put ‘in the moment’ to face quick questions and formulate purposeful responses thanks to Meaningful Content & Interactivity.


Lessons are Too Primitive - Not Linked to One’s Profession/ Future Ambitions:

Students lose interest by seeing the old, stale content of the program. Many students get disappoint and drop-out.

Ready to Use Lessons Constitute World's No.1 CBI Programs:

Each lesson constitutes  purposeful, meaningful, ready-to-use example sentences. Sustains motivation.


They ignore Body-language:

80 to 90% of communication happens through body-language. It is foolish to practice body-language in front of mirror or camera because poor body-language occurs when one faces anxious situations.

We Help Fine-tune Body-language:

We capture the facial expressions, gestures and postures when the learner faces and undergoes tense/anxious situations. This is evaluated to fine-tune body-language.


Vague, No-Use Feedbacks:

As the activities happen in ‘class’ environments, the feedbacks the learner receives are without any factual proof and unconvincing to inspire an action.  

Timely, Factual, Actionable Feedbacks:

It is achieved through the ‘Feedback’ module of the simulator, the learner gets timely, pin-pointed feedbacks that he/she can’t deny.


No Opportunity to Ingrain Speaking Skills:

The ability to respond ‘on the spot’ can be acquired only by ingraining (Reinforcing) speaking skills. It happen only through realistic practice, receiving actionable feedbacks and implementing them.

Infinite number of Opportunities:

In Click Interviews, one can practice realistic conversations any number of times, receive actionable feedbacks, implement them and try again… Repeat the iterations until one mastered the skill!


What is the Result of ‘Spoken English Classes’ & ‘Language Labs’?

Surveys say, just 1% of the learners learn to speak English. And 0% of learners acquire the skills to face rapid, unexpected questions and respond on the spot.

What is the Result of Adopting Click Interviews?

100% of learners acquire the skills to smartly grasp the questions, quickly formulate an apt answer, and deliver it articulately to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The Innovations that Differentiate: