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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can benefit from these “unique” programs/products?

What is so unique about these programs? What are key features & benefits ?

InterviewMax is the only methodology currently available to ensure successful performance in a professional interview. They are not created by academicians but the result of successful industry professionals from the fields of Engineering, Technology, Management, Information & Technology, Medicine etc with an experience of conducting over 100,000 interviews. It works at the heart of the issue - building the crucial ability to respond on the spot. Through advanced technologies (like Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Simulators, etc)  and methodologies (like Experiential Learning, Content-based Instruction, etc), InterviewMax builds cutting-edge professional interview skills in everyone & is the result of a six-year long, extensive research and analysis on ‘What Went Right’ and ‘What Went Wrong’ with over 37000 qualified candidates, who appeared for various interviews in Engineering, Technology & Management.


What is Professional Interview Simulator & what does it do?

An advanced software that puts candidates through realistic , customised professional interview. As in real interview, simulator creates anxiety, fear and tension. Responses are captured for review, builds Answering reflexes, abilities to Think on one’s feet, verbal and body-language. It is backed by professional interview trainer where candidates can attempt new interviews any number of times. Get access to best responses, Guide’s advices etc. Realistic practice sessions, no other training program can provide. Builds Synthesis thinking, Fluent professional language & Body language.    Inerviewmax program captures Body-language in realistic situations.


What is Content-based Instruction English learning?  

An advanced methodology to ensure candidates acquire superior English/Communication skills through a theme-the candidate is passionate about. According to cognitive & educational psychology, this is the only way for an adult to acquire second language (English) skills. This builds Fluent Professional language.


What does Spoken English Simulator do? 

Spoken English Simulator has over 300 conversational sessions that one can choose or can be accessed at random. Entire conversation is captured for evaluation and mentor feedback. The only simulator in the world wit adavanced features It ensures that candidates build Answering Reflex, Thinking of one’s feet, 

Speaking concepts in one’s words etc.


Where is this skill building program centre located? How to enrol for the programs? 

Our centre is located at Borivali - one of the prominent suburbs of Western Mumbai. We are the exclusive partner for Interviewmax for the Western Mumbai region to conduct these programs and market their innovative products. However, we urge you to visit our centre once at Borivali for the demo to get the feel beforing enrolment to any of our programs. Please contact us on hotline 91.22.6900.1616 or 91.22.6900.1717 or email us on the following: enquire@clickinterviews.com