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Why Interview Calls Are Very Hard to Come By?

Most people upload their resumes on job-websites, and expect an interview call from the very next day! They are not aware of a critical fact: Job-websites have more than 12 million (about 1.2 Crores) resumes in their databank. An interview call is difficult to come by. Knowing this, can you take a job interview lightly?

Why Mock Interviews End Up Just to be a Mockery?

“A batch of 600 students. College arranges for a crash-course on interview-skills. On the last day of the crash-course, interview trainer appears along with a videographer! Each participants gets about 3 to 4 minutes of exposure amidst laughing and cheering of other participants. Who gains what from this mockery?”

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Why Ordinary Interview Training Programs Fail?

Is it because most interview-trainers were failures in their own job interviews? Is it because many of them are jack of all trades - they train many people, many topics? Is it because they lack  up-to-date professional knowledge? There are many factors, but there is one truth: Many trainers play with others’ future!

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Even Interviewers Love to Hear Stories.

When developing your story, make sure it includes specific details, moves forward in time, is memorable, makes sense to the interviewer, and creates an opportunity to give more details if asked. In this way, you leave a lasting impression. You will not be referred to as ‘that guy in blue tie’, or ‘that woman from Mumbai.’

Competitive Intelligence Can Help You Win.

In this day and time, it is hard to imagine that anyone would set foot into an interviewers’ office without preparation.

Yet, in what can be one of the most crucial and future shaping activities we face - interviewing for a job - people often proceed blindly, with little prepare!  

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Interviewers Hate

Tautological Answers.

Tautology is a statement where you see needless repetition of ideas in different words. An example of this is, ‘the spinster woman’. A spinster can only be a woman so there is really no need to say that she is a woman.

For politicians, tautology is a way to give evasive answers, without any accountability. Not in a job interview!

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Eye-Openers: Busting ‘Unconscious Incompetence’.

And, Building ‘Conscious Competence’.

Traditional Training Methods Ditch the Needy. Therefore InterviewMax!

English is no longer a language.

It is Your Input/Output device!

Sharp Domain Knowledge

Interviewers expect short & crisp responses, straight to the point!

Target English Target Knowledge

Text-book answers kill their interest in you.

They want wise practical answers in your own words.

Fact: Even your answers to technical questions reveal your personality!

How smartly you notice, absorb and process inputs around you?

Is quality of your responses match with the job you seek?

Fact: Most engineers/MBAs appear illiterates in crucial job interviews!

Convincing English

For Engineering, Technology and Management Interviews / Interactions.

Crucial Success Factors

What do Traditional ‘Trainers’ do?

The InterviewMax Advantage

Ability to grasp the hidden meaning of questions as interviewers ask.

They do nothing.

  • Trainer module of World’s No.1 Professional Interview Simulator.
  • Questions and Insights section.
  • Spoken English Simulator.
  • Contextual Feedbacks.

Ability to handle Technical and HR questions rolled into one.

They don’t handle technical questions. They describe very common HR questions.

  • Simulator module of World’s No.1 Professional Interview Simulator.
  • Customisation for each learner.
  • Contextual Feedbacks.

Answering Reflex

They show some YouTube videos. Then they blame ‘lack of answering skills’  on learners’ English skills.

  • World’s No.1 Professional Interview Simulator.
  • CBI English programs: Smart English through Technology & Science, Management Ideas etc.
  • Spoken English Simulator.

Ability to Think on One’s Feet.

4-5 minutes of Mock-interviews by a person already familiar to the learner. No tension, no anxiety. Ends up as Mockery!

  • Trainer module of World’s No.1 Professional Interview Simulator.
  • Questions and Insights section.
  • Spoken English Simulator.

Meaningful Speaking/Communication

They can’t make an engineer speak like an engineer or MBA holder speak like a manager.

  • CBI English programs: Smart English through Technology & Science, Management Ideas etc.
  • Spoken English Simulation.
  • Accented English (US & UK).

Grammar, Usage, & Vocabulary

Re-teach the same school-grammar. How will one learn something in few days that he/she had not learned over 15 years?

  • Customisation.
  • Grammar, usage & vocabulary are taught through a theme of learners’ interest.
  • Spoken English Simulation.
  • Interactive Tests.

Refining of Body-Language

They teach etiquette followed by a 5-minutes mock-interview. A videographer records this from the side.

  • Mirror-like body-language recording.
  • Analysis of body-language while responding to stress questions.
  • Recording close-up from the front.
  • Contextual Feedbacks.

How do We Help You Deliver Applied Knowledge on the Spot?

Any skill, that you want to make part of your nature should get ingrained into your brain. A crash course or mock-interview can’t build the skills to handle the sharp and shrewd questions asked by the present-day employers, who face tough market conditions.

Key Benefits

Key Innovations

You will maintain attractive body-language and mannerisms even when subjected to stress questions.

You will deliver meaningful and purposeful communication expected in the targeted position.

You will smartly respond to the mix of Technical, Managerial and Personal questions like a professional.

No more interview anxiety, Apprehensions about the performance, or Tension about the outcome because you have already attempted similar interviews infinite number of times! You are confident about your actions, and have experienced the success! For example,

You will easily  assert yourself and demonstrate that you are an asset to their company.

You will demonstrate your intelligence, integrity and loyalty through every response you make.

Personalisation/Customisation: Artificial-Intelligence algorithm creates different learning path for each learner.

World’s No.1 Professional Interview Trainer: Sure-fire way to build convincing interview/interaction skills.

World’s No.1 Professional Interview Simulator with Specializations in Engineering, Technology, Management.

Content-based Instruction Methodology:  The only way for an adult to acquire meaningful English skills.

Mirror-like body-language recording:  The only way for identifying and fine-tuning one’s body-language flaws.

World’s No.1 Spoken English Simulator:  Exposes your Communication short-comings & help to find solutions.

PLUS: Attempt interviews any number of times - every time a new interview, Contextual feedbacks, Interactive tests, Self, Peer reviews, etc.

What is InterviewMax? It is the only methodology currently available to ensure superior performance in professional interviews.

It works at the heart of the issue - Building the crucial ability to ‘Respond On the Spot’. Through advanced technologies (like Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Simulators, etc)  and methodologies (like Experiential Learning, Content-based Instruction, etc), InterviewMax builds cutting-edge professional interaction skills in everyone.

InterviewMax has been developed by a global team of 52 successful industry professionals with a collective experience of conducting over 120,000 interviews. It is the result of a six-year long, extensive research and analysis on ‘What Went Right’ and ‘What Went Wrong’ with over 37000 candidates, who appeared for various job interviews in Engineering, Technology & Management.

How is it delivered? You can attempt facilitator-led ‘Interview Success Programs’ at InterviewMax franchisee partner centres. Or, you can also buy the personal version of the key simulator package at the InterviewMax centre/from this website. Most candidates do both!

Interview Simulation: 
Limited Demonstration

Matthew Johnston

Snehal Joshi

Sandy Ray

Lucy Cheng

Angela Walsh

Simi Arthur

This Week

This Fortnight

This Month

Learn to look at your interviewer as a prospective customer.

By responding positively and confidently you can bag the job.

If it is passion and deep interest in the job, you get the job.

It is all about products, marketing, sales & conditions.

They want to assess how creatively you approach a problem.

Who wants to hire an un-ambitious rot-learner, interested only in salary?

Erica Sebastian

How do you create plans and execute those plans reveals your personality.


Message from

The Mentor

Key Members

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Development Team

Oracle / PL-SQL

Job Interview


Over 20 Specializations!

The Current Reality

Interviewing for a job is one of the most crucial and future shaping activities we face in our life. Even then, many people proceed to interview rooms blindly, with little preparation believing that their certifications and qualifications ensure them their dream job...

Higher Qualifications and Glossier Certifications!

Sounds familiar? Can’t find the job on a Bachelor’s degree –> Go for Masters Degree while incurring more debt –> Expects better jobs with higher qualifications –> Fails to find better jobs with higher qualifications but now can’t afford to take any crappy admin jobs –> Falls into depression and grumbles about life –> Keeps studying for Certifications while incurring more debts!


A new interview every time! Simulator decides on questions based on your profile and your target company. It blends Technical and HR questions as in a real interview. Even minute nuances of your responses are recorded for analysis.

1. Attempt Realistic Interviews Any Number of Times!

A new practice interview every time! After facing a question, you can view how others answered (Best Responses) this question! Or, seek guide’s advice. Or, refer to Espoir Smart Interview Companion Book. With the new found knowledge, you can answer the question with confidence!

2. Attempt Practice Interviews Any Number of Times!

Interviewers expect short, crisp answers that are to the point - not like university examinations. At InterviewMax, you have well-researched interview questions from over 20 areas of specializations, and about 60 professional sub-sections.

3. Modify & Sharpen your domain knowledge as they expect in job interviews!

Life is too short. You can’t make all the mistakes on your own and learn! Smart people learn from others’ mistakes. Also there are 42 short real life case studies where good candidates lost excellent opportunities. Also, grooming, etiquette and how to predict interview questions.

4. Learn from others’ mistakes! Also, Cautions & Red-Flags.

If cancer is the silent killer, English is the Silent Career Killer. Is your English skills compatible with the position/job you are interviewing for? Might not. For most people, English is an ego-issue. Therefore, English cancer remains undiagnosed or under-diagnosed, until it erodes their salaries, social status, and their career!

5. Conquer the undiagnosed / under diagnosed Cancer: Incompatible English!


To Own ONE!

Personal Version

Institutional Version

Top TEN Reasons






ReFourM  (Pronounced Reform) Professional Interview Success Programs are the result of a decade- long extensive research by a team of 52 global professionals about stupendous career successes and avoidable tragedies.

These Simulator-powered programs, users say, transform ordinary into extra-ordinary.

More on Programs Page…

Attempt Your First Interview Simulation: Interviewers are on screen and camera is ON. You must respond to each question. Result will be an eye-opener.

Create your personal profile: Age, qualifications, specialisations, target company for employment etc. Simulator will create Customised Interview Simulations for you!

Analyse the Interview & Create Customised Learning Path: On the spot responses reveals all sort of short-comings in Domain knowledge, Interview skills & English skills.

Developing Cutting-edge Interview Skills: Using the trainer module of Espoir Smart Interview Simulator. Questions, Best Responses, Guide’s advices etc.

Developing Cutting-edge English & Communication Skills: Using Espoir Spoken English Simulator and Content-based Instruction products like Smart English through Technology & Science, Smart Communication through Management Ideas etc.

Ingraining Smart Interview Skills Using Simulator: You can attempt new professional interviews any number of times - every time a new interview. Continue till you mastered the skill!

Developing Cutting-edge Interview Skills: Using the trainer module of Espoir Smart Interview Simulator. Questions, Best Responses, Guide’s advices etc.








When Interviewers Dig Deeper, They Must Find Diamonds...

Your confidence 
is judged by 
your ability to respond 
on the spot.
Do or Die. Development-Team

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