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In short, This is a Unique Interactive Software that ensures success in Java related job interviews.

What is this?

Students of Final year / Pre-final year Professional programs in Information Technology & Java.

Who Should Use This?

Job Interview Simulator
Why Simulation? How Will I Use It? Unique Benefits! Java

Create your Personal Profile. Like age & Educational qualifications. Username and Password. No Internet connection is required.

Or, Practice Before attempting Interview? Go to practice sessions as shown on your right. Or use many training features of this software. (Demo buttons.)

Decide Where You Want to Work. What Designation, and the type of company you target for employment. Also enter your area of specialization & No. of years of experience.

Let the Software Create a Realistic Interview for You. Based on the inputs you provide, this software creates special interviews for you! (Click Demo buttons.)

Java & Information Technology Topics.
to Get the Maximum Benefit?





Practicing Professionals, Techno-commercial executives looking for career change and growth.

Attempt any number of realistic interviews before the real interview! Capture your performance, Analyse them & Get Reports!

How Will I Use it

Easy Steps…

Using Simulator is Crucial
Why Regular Interview Practice
Covered in this Product
Behaviour/Fit/Motivation Topics

Systems Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Assurance, Our Ethics

Why Do We Create This Program?

‘Must-haves’ for Success

Compare With Other Products

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The Development Team

Key Features

Key Benefits

Key Results

Faster Learning


Communicate Your Ideas.

Inspire Action! Build A Career!


Interviewers judge your ability to convince, persuade, and motivate others. Because these skills of yours decide the company’s success.

Interviewers are professionally trained to expose the ‘Real You’ through tricky questions, and by keenly observing your body-language.

Currently, almost all candidates exhibit same level of domain knowledge. What differentiates is ‘Smartness’ and ‘Fit’ - even in high-tech jobs!

“Acting” or ‘mocking” won’t work. You’ll be caught. You must demonstrate that key skills are part of your true nature. Therefore, regular practice is the only way. You need a simulator.

More Crucial... Sample Test ?


Longer Retention Quicker Recall Key Results What CEOs Want?

“Fifteen years’ of your education is evaluated in fifteen minutes! Considering the cut-throat competition, only idiots can ignore interview preparations.”

- Dr. Philip Roberts, Career Specialist.


Espoir Smart Communication


A 150 Page handy and practical field-book that helps you guide you through your job search/career building process. It also helps you keep track of the process and remind you on milestones. Also it is an offline companion!

(Included in the package)

Companion Book.

Java Questions trickily blended with HR questions. Attempt new interviews every time!  Any number of times! All anxiety creating situations are created. Master the art of wining them over!

Realistic Interviews

Practice don’t make you perfect. Only perfect practice makes you perfect. Here, face question from screen, answer them on camera, refer to others’ answers, seek guide’s help, and more!

Rigorous Practice Sessions

Interviewers are trained to extract the true information from you through seemingly innocent questions. Be smart and learn the hidden meanings & right answers for hundreds of questions!   

Questions. Their Hidden Meanings

Advanced software and screening tools allow only smart candidates reach interview stage. The question you must ask yourself is how to outsmart the smart. Here is the answer!

Outsmarting the Smart

Demo Demo

To understand the features, Please click respective Demo buttons below.

Key Topics

Brief Description


Modern Day Interview Process.

When you understand the process, it is easy to build a career with the information provided here. (Included in the software kit)


Who Are You? A Personal SWOT Analysis.

If you don’t know who you are, how will you sell your positive qualities to an interviewer? (Click Here to View)


Identifying Your Job Preferences.

What are you looking for? And why are you looking now? What exactly are you trying to convince? (Click Here to View)


Identify the Most Suitable Career for You.

An excellent way to find out if a particular career would really suit you! (Included in the software kit.)


Did You Do What You Say You Have Done?

Interviewers believe your past is a prologue to your future performance. So, prove your past was worth! (Click Here to View)


How to Write Power Resumes?

Millions of good people lose excellent jobs because of their poor resume writing. Let us help you win! (Included in the software kit)


Transferable Skills

Smart candidates have a list of transferable skills and the articulation to convince their interviewers! (Included in the software kit)


Job Search Strategies for Today’s Economy.

Employers feel the heat of outside market. You must know the situations and formulate strategies. (Included in the software kit)


Pre-Interview Research.

It is crucial to know your prospective employer in particular, and the Industry in general. (Included in the software kit)


Interview Attire.

Dress creates address. And it declares to the world who you are. How to use it to your advantage? (Included in the software kit)


Telephone and Video Interviews.

99% of first interviews, 70% of second level interviews are on phone/video. Develop these key skills! (Included in the software kit)


The Art of Networking.

80% of jobs are not advertised. If you are smart you will know how to network and find your dream job! (Included in the software kit)


STAR Method of Responding to Questions.

Like a movie script writer, if you can keep interviewers attention on you, then you are hired! (Included in the software kit)


Espoir Smart Interview Track-Sheet.

An invaluable tool to that help you through the entire interviewing process. It also make you learn from it! (Click Here to View)


Questions & Insights

Good candidates lose great opportunities! They don’t understand the hidden meaning of questions! (Included in the software kit)


Powerful words and phrases.

Whatever be the position you are trying to achieve, you are judged by your level of vocabulary. (Included in the software kit)


A Quick Brushing-up Just Before the Interview.

A list of one hundred key questions that you have customized for yourself. (Included in the software kit)


Interview Humour: Learning While Laughing.

Interview humour is the set of jokes that describes how countless number of people ruined their career! (Included in the software kit)


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Top TEN Reasons to Own ONE

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Interview questions on Internet and Java: Background and history. Interview questions on Java Applications and Applets. Interview questions on Java virtual machine. Interview questions on Basics of OOP.

Interview questions on Holding Data: Interview questions on Primitive data types. Interview questions on Declarations. Constants. Objects and Wrapper Classes. Variables. Comment Syntax. Interview questions on Controlling the Flow: Interview questions on Expressions. Interview questions on Using Operations. Interview questions on Using Control Statements.

Interview questions on Object Oriented Programming Concepts: Abstraction. Encapsulation. Interview questions on Polymorphism and Overloading. Interview questions on Fundamentals of Classes. Interview questions on Using 'this' keyword. Constructors.

Interview questions on Java Inheritance & Packaging: The object class. Abstract & Final Classes. Interview questions on Packages. Interfaces.

Interview questions on Handling Error/Exceptions: Basic Expressions. Proper use of Exceptions. Catching exception. Interview questions on Throwing and Rethrowing. Interview questions on Cleaning up using Finally clause.

Interview questions on Handling Strings: Creation, Concatenation and conversion of  a string. Interview questions on String Comparison, Searching Strings, Modifying strings, String Buffer.

Interview questions on Threads: Create/instantiate/start new threads. Understand thread execution. Interview questions on Thread priorities. Synchronisation. Interview questions on Inter-thread communication, Deadlock.

Interview questions on I/O and Streams: package. Interview questions on Files and directories. Streams. Interview questions on Reading/Writing Console Input/Output. Interview questions on Serialization Interface.

Interview questions on Understanding of core packages: Using java.Interview questions on lang package. Interview questions on Wrapper classes and associated methods. Interview questions on Using java.util package.

Interview questions on Holding Collection data: Arrays and collection classes/interfaces. Map/List/Set implementations. Collection classes. Accessing Collections. Interview questions on Use of an iteractor. Comparator.

Interview questions on Java Applications: AWT and Swing. Interview questions on Frame, Windows, Graphics,

Interview questions on Color, Fonts. AWT Controls. Interview questions on Layout managers. JFame and JPanel Containers. Interview questions on User Interface Events. Adapter Classes.

Interview questions on Java Applets: Applet life-cycle methods. Interview questions on Applet viewer. Adding Controls.

Interview questions on Networking: Client/Server Applications. Interview questions on URLs. Interview questions on TCP. Connectionless Cleint/Server Interaction.