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308, hari Om Plaza,

M. G. Road, Near National Park,

Borivali East, Mumbai - 400066.

Maharashtra, India







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A Origin HR Initiative

The cause: Why do we exist?

To make the world a better place: 90% of present day professionals were not aware of the value of soft skills during their childhood or college education. Poor language skills cloud their brilliance and hard working nature. Most of them fail to find the right job, and face discrimination at the workplace. Espoir strives to make them successful by providing sure-fire learning solutions.

To increase the quality of life: In a recent survey, 90% of the global CEOs ranked smartness even above professional skills. Our products help you build smartness and confidence from the comfort of your home or office using least amount of money, time and energy.

TO right a terrible wrong: For British and Americans, English is their first language (mother tongue). For most of us, it is a foreign language (second language). According to educational psychologists, the mechanism of learning a first language and second language is different.

Our governments, supported by British/American universities impose the British/ American first language learning methods on us - ignoring the fact that English is a second language for us.

No wonder, even after 10-15 years of conventional English learning, most people remain 'not-employable'. Espoir proudly presents 'Content-based Instruction', and ‘Idea-based English’.

To prevent the end of something good:Audio-visual products reduce the habit of reading, and even learning. We strive to exploit the power of artificial intelligence, interactivity and multimedia without diluting necessity of reading.


Vision & Mission of Espoir Technologies:

Our vision: To develop out-of-the-box digital products which seduce everyone to acquire higher levels of knowledge, and empower them to realize their hopes. By doing so, Espoir aspires to become a Global leader in the digital edutainment.

Our Mission: We at Espoir shall strive to understand today’s customer desires and anticipate future customer requirements so that we continue to develop Innovative, Unique and Sustainable products.

To be among the best, we shall commit ourselves to excellence in technology and innovation and achievement of shareholders' expectations of Economic Value Added (EVA) in all our operations.

We shall endeavour to be an employer of choice by promoting a culture of teamwork, continuous learning and transparency in all activities, a participative style of management that cuts across the boundaries of levels and functions, employee growth, and compensation that is progressive and linked to the ability to innovate and performance.

We shall inculcate in ourselves and in all that we do, the core values of Simplicity, Harmony, Respect and Innovation & Integrity (SHRI).

Further, in all our efforts, our guiding principles shall be the protection of the environment and service to the society.


Core values of Interview Simulator programs:

We believe, we practice: Our success relies on gaining and maintaining our customers’ trust. We understand the intense competition in the employment market, and how important skill building is for our customers. Only way to keep our customers competitive and ahead of the competition is to think out of the box and continually innovate.

Continually developing cutting-edge technologies to deliver ‘state-of the art’ content is a tough challenge. That’s why the highest standards of ethics and the relentless drive for learning and innovation are so important to our philosophy.

Innovative and effective learning products and programs that ensure faster learning, longer retention and quicker recall secure continued success and ensure higher career growth for our customers.

We internalise the following core-values and make it part of our culture so that they reflect in any activity we undertake.

Visionary leadership, customer-driven excellence, organizational and personal learning, valuing work-force memebers and partners, agility, Focus on innovation, Management by fact, Social responsibility, Focus on result and creating value, system perspective.


Our product development methodology:

While developing our products, nature is our guiding spirit:As a child, you learned your mother tongue naturally and effortlessly by connecting words to objects and events around you. As an adult, you can repeat the same performance, by exploiting your passion to your benefit!

We approach learning as a means of ‘knowledge construction'. Our focus of instruction is on helping the student develop learning and thinking strategies.

In Espoir InterviewMax products, we present a cognitive model of knowledge construction with the following components: learner characteristics (prior knowledge, interest, and motivation), instructional manipulations (what is taught and how), learning processes (internal cognitive structures constructed during learning such as selecting, organizing, and integrating), and outcome performance (external performance on tests).

Professionally, we follow Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Educational Excellence, Best Practices in Project Management and ISO-9000 quality systems. Personally, we value emotional concerns of the youth, their parents, and the society.

No wonder, Espoir continues to create innovative products, which no one has ever thought of. No wonder, you are always current with Espoir products and programs. 


Our brand, Our Logo.

Our logo:Thomas Filwinch addresses sunflower as a ‘favourite emblem of constancy.’

The sunflower with its face to the sun never sees a shadow. The honest, upright, broad-faced sunflower is the brightest expression on earth reflecting the main source of all energies – the sun.

Every Espoir product is designed to be the brightest reflection of the supreme power available to mankind - knowledge! And, of course the skills to exploit that knowledge.

We draw inspiration from sunflower, and hence it is the undisputed choice for Espoir logo.

What does Espoir brand represent?

Espoir means hope. Hopes are always colourful. The most colourful sight in nature is the rainbow. On a rainy day, rainbow is the embodiment of hope - an assurance that good things can happen at any time.

Espoir emblem sparks the emotions of anticipation and joy. It creates strong feeling of optimism.

It represents the courage and hope to fight and succeed in adverse environments, by keeping nature on one's side.